“Top 10 MOST Viewed UFC Videos on YouTube”

Date Posted: October 22nd, 2016.

Posted By: BAXTER

As the new UFC brass continues to “cut cost” the MMA landscape as we know it continues to ever evolve. With multiple closures and staff layoffs, the UFC’s “Piracy Department” has been touched. Rumblings on the inter-web seem to believe the once heavily monitored “.gif” and “stream” communities will receive some MUCH loved leniency. With all that being said we have decided to look at the “Most Popular” (most viewed) videos posted on the official UFC YouTube channel. 

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10.  “UFC 81: Brock Lesnar’s UFC Debut” – 4,298,913 – Published 01.30.08

The oldest entrant on the list is a CLASSIC pre ’10 Zuffa PPV hype package, minimal graphics and a ton of shadowboxing. Highlights include Rogan with hair and a Kurt Angle talking head. I bought this PPV and recorded it to VHS… in 2008.


9.   “Ultimate Royce Gracie: Final Fight” – 4,318,526 – Published: 06.03.14

This is just bizarre! Not sure why this video is titled “Final Fight” as Royce went on to fight FIVE more times in the octagon. Anyways it’s PPV footage that includes pre-fight interviews of Royce vs. Kimo from UFC III.

 8.   “UFC 202: McGregor vs. Diaz II Octagon Interviews – 4,679,947 – Published: 08.20.16

The most recent entrant on our list, relive the scorecards being read after their instant classic. Conor is also not surprised. THESE TWO ARE MONEY $$$

7.   “UFC 155: JDS vs. Velasquez II Extended Preview – 4,943,989 – Published: 12.18.12

Standard “Prime-Time” build for the heavily anticipated rematch since their bout on the inaugural “UFC on FOX” card. Peoples wanted the BIG men, let’s include Cecil.


6.   “The Ultimate Fighter 17 Knockout of the Season – 7,056,257 – Published: 02.06.13

Uriah Hall EXPLODED onto the UFC/TUF scene with his cosmic spin-kick of fury on Adam Cella. TUF 17 teased the KO over many episodes to build anticipation. “One of the nastiest knockouts I’ve ever seen in the fight business, let alone on the Ultimate Fighter” says Dana White.

5.   “UFC 193: The Thrill and Agony Preview” – 7,687,141 – Published: 12.14.15

This one surprises me!! A simple teaser for the upcoming FightPass show “The Thrill and Agony”. Nonetheless this is a pretty gripping two and a half minutes. I’ve watched the full show and you should too!! #TEAMRousey

4.   “Ultimate 8: Heavyweight Knockouts” – 9,006,889 – Published: 10.17.13

People LOVE countdowns! Joe Rogan walks us through the 8 MOST devastating KOs at heavyweight. The BEST part is Rogan swooning over one of his all-time favorites, Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop. “Joe Rogan Podcast” CHECK IT OUT!!


3.   “UFC 194: McGregor vs. Aldo Octagon Interview” – 9,267,601 – Published: 12.12.15

The chaos continued post 13 second KO as Conor does his thing on the mic an proclaims himself the KING of 145lbs division. Aldo is concussed.

2.   “Top 20 Submissions in UFC History” – 19,050,066 views – Published: 11.12.13

A stellar countdown video package highlighting some of the best and most creative submissions from ’93-’13. Sizzle-reels never get old.

  1.   “Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History” – 63,676,909 views – Published: 11.12.13

This is EASILY the MOST  viewed video with a whopping 44,000,000 MORE views than #2 on the list. It’s a decently well done countdown package ranging from ’93-’13. Anderson Silva claims BOTH #1 spots… YES. THERE IS A TIE.