“Pancrase 288 – Review and Results”
Posted By: Baxter
Date Posted: July 2nd, 2017.

Kohei Kuraoka x Tatsuyuki Nakamura – Kohei Kuraoka def T. Nakamura – Unanimous Dec
The first of 18 fights on the card tonight!! GOOD LAWD that’s VALUE!! Kuraoka is able to stuff the “take-downs” with regularity, Kuraoka landing the cleaner strikes while controlling the clinch along the cage, bunch of short elbows in the clinch from Kuraoka, “head-kicks” and a small flurry from Kuraoka, I had Kuraoka up (3-0).

Shigeki Iijima x Shun Miyakawa – Shigeki Iijima def Shun Miyakawa – Unanimous Dec
With generic METAL guitar riffs blasting trough the house speaker system, Iijima with some SMOTHERING “take-downs”, TK in Iijima’s corner between rounds, more “take-downs” from Iijima, Miyakawa trying to work, decent submission attempt late from Miyakawa, I had it (2-1) Iijima via ALL the wrestling.

Kenzo Hirokawa x Masahide Hiraoka – Masahide Hiraoka def Kenzo Hirokawa – Unanimous Dec
Great strikes from Hiraoka rocking the “Killer Bee” fight shorts, Hiraoka using his range, long power strikes, Hirokawa coming forward despite being tagged regularly, Hiraoka reminds me of Cody Garbrandt, Doctor looks over Hirokawa, I had it (3-0) for the Killer Bee prospect.

Taiyo Hayashi x Satoshi Kogure – Taiyo Hayashi def Satoshi – Unanimous Dec
Kogure BIG shots from side control, serious submission “triangle” attempt from Kogure, decent pace from both fighters, Kogure with a bit of difficulty re-positioning a contact lens between rounds, Hayashi rebounds pounding out Kogure winning the round, Hayashi is able to come out in the final round continuing to “wrestle maul”, I had it (2-1) Hayashi.

Mauricio Okumura x Makoto Kawawa – Makoto Kawawa def Mauricio Okumura – Unanimous Dec
Okumura with “take-down” real quick, followed by submission attempt, Kawawa serious “ground and pound” and “hammer-fists” from top, Okumura scrambling for leg submissions, between rounds fighters are BOTH warned for “shots to back of the head” and fence grabbing, Okumura is GASSED at the end of the 2nd round, eating clean shots, more “ground and pound” in the 3rd round for Okumura, I had it (3-0) Okumura.

Hooters Dance Pack intermission #1 of the evening, all the classics Green Day and YMCA.

Hanbyo Oniyama x Kazunari Kimura – Kazunari Kimura def Hanbyo Oniyama – Unanimous Dec
Kimura with shoulder strikes in the clinch, Kimura drops Oniyama early but recovers, Oniyama with decent stand up in the 2nd, Kimura starting to slow down, good fight, Oniyama controlling the fight in the clinch, great little scrap, both guys fought hard, I had it (2-1) Kimura.

Yoshinori Horie x Kota Fujisaki – Yoshinori Horie def Kota – KO/TKO, 2:36 R1
Fujisaki very relaxed and flashy, both guys throwing HEAT, I’m talking BIG league fastballs down the middle!! Horie lands a FLUSH overhand right sending Fuji to the mat in a heap!! The FIRST and ONLY stoppage of the seven prelim fights. VIOLENCE!!


Opening Ceremony – Introductions of the flag, round and Hooters girls, we get the always incredible opening video package, the smooth sounds of Stewart Fulton and guy Delumeau.

Suguru Nii x Yojiro Uchimura – Yojiro Uchimura def Suguru Nii – KO/TKO, 2:57 R2
VERY tentative first round, Uchimura doing a little more striking, Nii extremely hesitant, 2ND round the pace quickens, Uchimura rocks and staggers Nii, HUGE follow up KNEE to the dome of Nii INCREDIBLE!! WIt was like a “flying switch kick” that the knee landed, BEAUTY!! We get the first but not last “stretcher job” of the evening.


Takafumi Ato x Yuya Kodama – Takafumi Ato def Yuya Kodama – Sub, 2:10 R3
Ato with a HUGE “double leg take-down”, strange sequence where both fighters collided mid air car accident style, both guys taking chances, Ato with a SICK body, body, head combo, ALL Ato, Kodama is TOUGH!! Both guys throwing, all kinds of spinning s**t late in the round. Ato out striking with plethora of hooks, straights, jabs!! An incredible finishing sequence off of a failed Kodama take down, Ato is able to grab the back and sink in the RNC submission victory.


Yasuhiro Kawamura x Hiroyuki Oshiro – Hiroyuki Oshiro def Yasuhiro Kawamura – Unanimous Dec
Oshiro rocking the STELLAR denim jeggings!! Slow start both landing minimal, Oshiro working a bit harder, nothing really going on, Kawamura landing baby jab but eating bigger shots, Oshiro throwing with more power, landing more significant strikes, Kawamura begins taunting Oshiro with his hands ie. Nick Diaz. I had it (2-1) Oshiro.

Kosei Kubota x Takaaki Nara – Takaaki Nara def Kosei Kubota – Unanimous Dec
Zombie like beginning to this one, 2 minutes of circling, Nara super tentative, Few kicks from Nara, baby leg kicks from Nara, pace picks up a tad, Nara landing few more strikes, fairly boring fight, I had it (2-1).

Kazushi Sugiyama x Takumi Suzuki – Takumi Suzuki def Kazushi Sugiyama – Unanimous Dec
Rolling Thunder kick from Suzuki to start the fight, Suzuki playing “leg lock” game, multiple submission attempts, Sugiyama CRACKS Suzuki on the feet, decent follow up shots at Sugiyama swarms forward, Suzuki is able to survive, Suzuki with a smothering ground game, a ton of ground control from Suzuki who pulls away in the 3rd, winning (2-1).

Ikkei Nagamura x Yuki Niimura – Yuki Niimura def Ikkei Nagamura – KO/TKO, 2:58 R2
Slow first round, Niimura controlled striking from a distance, not to much from both men, fight finish comes late at the end of the second round, Niimura catches Osamura who CRASHES to the mat and is in need of reviving!! NICE KO!! At the BUZZER!!


Hooters Dance Pack intermission #2 of the evening, MORE Green Day and YMCA.

Kanako Murata x Claire Fryer – Kanako Murata def Claire – Unanimous Dec
MONSTER “double leg take-down” from Murata looking like a freight train!! MONSTER slam from Murata who brings ALL the wrestling, MONSTER judo hip toss from Murata!! POOR Fryer!! Murata with knee on belly landing MONSTER “ground and pound”, MEGA damage, good exchange of knees in clinch from both, Fryer is TOUGH!! Murata dominates late attempting “key lock” submission as the bell sounds, Murata (3-0) EASY.

Masakatsu Ueda x Toshinori Tsunemura – Masakatsu Ueda def T. Tsunemura – Unanimous Dec
Ground battle, both exchange submission attempts and positions on the ground, Ueda with a really stifling top game, guillotine attempt with heel strikes from Ueda, more submissions from Ueda all 3rd round, another EASY (3-0) decision.

Video package announcing, “DEEP x Pancrase” 289 event, It will be a five fight series, In cage promo from Pancrase CEO because the President broke his foot and could not make it… Or at least that is what I made of the situation. Mentions RIZIN and their fighters, Nobuyuki Sakakibara then gets in the cage to exchange pleasantries. BIG plans for JMMA upcoming!!

Yuki Kondo x Ikuhisa Minowa – Yuki Kondo def Ikuhisa Minowa – Unanimous Dec
Personally the fight I was MOST looking forward to did NOT live up to expectation, I’m not sure I had any but was lackluster nonetheless, Rematch 20 years in the making!! Ceremonial flower bouquets are exchanged!! Match begins, not one strike from any fighter for the first 60 seconds, NOTHING brewing in the first round… NOTHING brewing in the 2nd round… Kondo drops Minowa with 2 minutes left in the fight, nothing happens as Kondo rides out top control, I have it Kondo (3-0). I LOVE you Minowa Man!!


Kieran Joblin x Kazuki Tokudome – Kazuki Tokudome def Kieran Joblin – Unanimous Dec
UFC alumni Tokudome looking to impress, opens with decent strikes, Tokudome somewhat surprisingly controlling Joblin on the mat, Tokudome with a smothering side control game, knees to the body, Tokudome (3-0). The event is beginning to slow down HARD!!

Hiromitsu Miura x Daiji Abe – Daiji Abe def Hiromitsu Miura – KO/TKO, :26 R2
Main Event!! Abe getting TAGGED most of the 1st round, Abe CRACKS Miura clean, Miura is hurt bad!! Abe senses the finish, follow up flurry of strikes… HORN!! Miura is saved by the bell!! Early in the 2nd Abe STARCHES Miura with a BIG right, Abe swarms and is able to land decent clubbing shots to a face down Miura. …AND NEW KING OF PANCRASE Daichi Abe!! At (4-0), this 25 year old kid is MONEY!! The booth run down the results of tonight’s card before plugging Pancrase 289 and signing off.




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