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“McDuck’s Fight Vault – Vol.02 – Silva vs. Henderson”
Date Published: March 15th, 2017.
Posted By: BAXTER

  • UFC 82 Pride of a Champion – 03.01.2008, Unification bout for the UFC MW championship and the Pride FC MW championship.
  • Henderson (37) was (22-6) heading into the fight, after dropping his UFC debut to Rampage Jackson for the UFC LHW title.
  • Anderson (32) riding a 6 fight WIN streak going into the fight, an overall record of (22-4).
  • Joe Rogan says, “If I were at home, I’d be screaming obscenities at my TV”. Electricity is palpable!!


  • GREAT camera work to start the fight, shot of Dave Meltzer cage side, no touch of gloves from Andy.
  • Tentative feeling out process to begin the fight, baby leg kicks from Hendo, both circle the middle of the cage.
  • Faint “boos” from the crowd, Andy turns it up, leg kick, Hendo comes forward quick little flurry, Hendo blocks head kick.
  • Andy whips a front kick to the grill of Hendo, partially lands, Hendo is fine, Andy light on the feet, variety of high kicks.
  • Hendo is able to avoid a few unorthodox strikes, center of the cage, Hendo grabs Andy around the waist, takedown.
  • Crowd roars!! From a weird half guard Hendo begins to ground and pound, Andy calm stalling, more hammer fists.
  • 2 minutes left, more hammer fists, Hendo hand over mouth of Andy, face washing from Hendo.
  • Andy has one hook in stopping Hendo from passing into full mount, Herb Dean asks for “work”.
  • Hendo is finally able to gain full side control with 30 seconds left in the round, shoulder strikes from Hendo.
  • Andy is able to spin out of danger temporarily, Hendo finds himself in full guard, Andy rides out round with body triangle.
  • Easy (10-9) for Henderson, between rounds Andy stands in his corner, Hendo sitting on the stool with Matt Lindland.
  • Beginning of round 2, Andy takes patented striking stance in the center of the cage, intensity of the fight has risen!!
  • Andy extremely light on his toes, aggressive kicks, slips Hendo’s strikes, Hendo back against the cage circling.
  • Decent low leg kick by Andy, Hendo storms forward BIG rights, Andy avoids and charges forward taunting Hendo.
  • Crowd picks up, more whipping high kicks from Andy, a quick sprawl finds the ground, Andy in top position, rib roasters.
  • Hendo grabs similar body lock and is able to get back to his feet, pressing Andy against the cage.
  • Matt Serra, Ray Longo, Tim Sylvia and Batista are seen cage side, Hendo working knees to the quads of Andy.
  • Rogan praises Hendo’s training at altitude, Andy avoids take down, still up against the cage, Andy avoids knee separates.
  • Hendo throws a BIG right but Andy displays incredible head movement and lands his own BIG shots.
  • Andy briefly grabs clinch and lands a knee to the dome of Hendo, Andy on the break lands BIG head kick.


  • Andy swarming, forward with rights, Hendo is rocked as he retreats backwards into the cage, Hendo winging shots,
  • Hendo just misses eating another head kick as it partially lands on a feeble single leg take down. Andy stacks briefly.
  • Andy reigns down shots from top position, Hendo is visibly hurt, Hendo unable to move the bigger man, Andy continues.
  • Andy landing minor strikes from top, Herb again calls for “work”, Andy working body with elbows,
  • Andy controlling the wrist from side control as Hendo attempts to get to his feet, creative knee to the body, AWESOME!!.
  • Hendo gives up his back, terrible position, Hendo throws an awful elbow, Andy lands HUGE rights flattening Hendo out.


  • Andy quickly jumps into position, both hooks in riding Hendo’s back, Andy landing ground and pound.
  • Hendo rolls, Andy locks on the body triangle again, flurry of elbows and strikes from Andy, looking for the finish.
  • 30 seconds left in the round, Andy rolls Hendo face down with the body triangle, strikes, strikes, strikes.
  • Andy begins looking for the rear naked choke working the arms under the neck of Hendo.
  • Andy rolls Hendo back over sinking in the choke deeper, desperation on the face of Hendo, crowd begins to roar.
  • Silva has the left forearm fully under the chin, body triangle cinched with 15 seconds left!!
  • PHENOMENAL camera work as Andy gets FULL gable grip hand control, the crowd can sense a finish.


  • Hendo’s arms drop is waist, eyes a full gloss and desperate for air, Hendo briefly taps in defeat!! 8 seconds left!!
  • Andy quickly to his feet embraces the thunderous cheers/boos from the crowd, Goldberg is going NUTS!! CORN NUTS!!
  • Hendo on his knees struggling to stand, Andy is picked up and celebrated by his corner, very HAPPY Andy!!
  • Bruce Buffer reads the official decision as the victorious Andy Silva slaps his lovely gold belt with approval.
  • A truly incredible fight, from the story in the cage, to the story in the history books, two MMA legends did the damn thing with GOLD and SILVER on the line!! This fight was awarded FOTN and SOTN honors, ($60,000) each.




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