Fedor Emelianenko vs. Kazuyuki Fujita – Pride FC 26 – June 8th, 2003.

  • Pride FC 26: Bad to the Bone, Yokohama Arena, Yokohama Japan.
  • Fedor defending his HW Championship.
  • Fujita known for his “Iron Head” and ability to take damage.
  • Rampage Jackson in the booth after competing 3 fights prior, (5-2) Pride record.
  • As the bell sounds, Quadros claims, “that may be the only punch he lands” as the two fighters touch gloves. Fighters come out very tentative circling one another.
  • Fedor storms forward with a small flurry of punches, Fujita is able to avoid the strikes and stops a trip takedown, crowd roars, as the fighters get back to the feet.
  • Again both fighters circling one another in the middle of the ring, Fedor lands decent right hand, Fujita hits the canvas scrambling as Fedor attempts to close the distance with offense, SWEET soccer kick from Fedor.
  • Fujita is able to get a hold of a single leg and attempts to take Fedor down but cannot execute.
  • Fujita with a nice left hook as the two fighters break, again circling, both fighters with deep breaths, Fedor stalking Fujita into the corner. A slight exchange of hands explodes into an all out GUN FIGHT!!
  • Fujita catches Fedor with a thunderous right hand that fully connects, Fedor STANKY LEGS towards the canvas but is able to pop back up resembling a “whacky inflatable arm flailing tube man”.
  • Fujita connects with several follow up shots, the crowd is MENTAL!!
  • Fedor feverishly attempts to clinch with Fujita, and is mildly successful before Fujita is able to get Fedor to the canvas in top position. This crowd is BANANA!!
  • Action simmers as Fujita is able to mildly work Fedor on the ground, Fedor bleeding out of his left eye.
  • After minimal work on the ground Fedor is able to get off his back and to the feet avoiding a HUGE slam from Fujita in the process.
  • As both fighters scramble back to their feet Fedor is still visibly hurt and tired, still wobbly. Fedor quickly glances at the ringside time clock.
  • Both fighters circle as Fujita throws potty shots as Fedor attempts to recover.
  • Seemingly recovered Fedor turns up the heat lunging forward with a overhand right and then a solid body kick that does damage, Fedor continuing to press lands a CLEAN and HARD left right hook combo and send Fujita crashing to the canvas.
  • Fedor swarms a downed Fujita, few rights from Fedor from side control before he jumps the back and sinks in a RNC, Fedor quickly to his feet before ripping Fujita to the canvas locking in the RNC even further. The choke is deep and Fujita is forced to tap.
  • The crowd is electric as “Russian Top Team” storms the ring with Pride HW Championship belt.
  • “What a Fight!” repeats, Rampage Jackson. Fujita still down on the canvas.
  • “Out of a Rocky movie” proclaims Bas Rutten.
  • Fujita is able to get to his feet and is quickly embraced by Fedor who raises the arm of Fujita in respect.

An incredible roller-coaster fight, Fedor on the brink of defeat and is able to hang tough, whether the storm, find hit shot and capitalize!! A true championship performance from Fedor  “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko.