Top 15 Fedor Emelianenko Fights
Posted By: Baxter
Date Posted: June 6th, 2017.

With Bellator NYC just days away, we look forward to fulfilling a WILD dream 15 years in the making!! The “dream” of being able to take in a “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko fight LIVE. 

Watching the smoke filled Saitama Super Arena with nothing but television glare lighting the room, it had never crossed my mind that, one day I would get the opportunity!! But like Fedor says, “Its God’s will”.

My introduction to Fedor and Pride FC stems from the little black box… ILLEGAL SATELLITE!! A true game changer for a fan who lived in rural Ontario with 56kbps dial-up modem!! Frantically updating pass-codes to maintain “signal strength” was FAR TO COMMON but VERY necessary!! 

It what seemed like a rather difficult task, it came together quite easy!! Meticulously we have formulated OUR DEFINITIVE list of the GREATEST Fedor fights of all-time!! Enjoy!!  

1. vs. Kevin Randleman – Pride Critical Countdown ’04 – WIN – SUB KIMURA – 2004

Arguably the GREATEST “WTF!” moment in Pride history… and there were a FEW!! Fedor miraculously survives, “THE SLAM” and proceeds to rip off The Monster’s arm!! INCREDIBLE call from the GREAT Mauro Ranallo. 


2. vs. Dan Henderson – Strikeforce: Fedor/Henderson – LOSS – TKO PUNCHES – 2011

I’ve literally watched this fight 50x in my life!! Two LEGENDS battled in a BANANAS one round fight, that we had ALL lusted over for years. Phenomenal back and forth and “come from behind” win for Hendo. Check this one out on FightPass.

3. vs. Mirko Cro Cop – Pride Final Conflict ’05 – WIN – UD – 2005

In one of the MOST anticipated rematches in PrideFC history, Fedor and CroCop put on a SHOW for the ages!! CroCop BUSTED Fedor up early and really took it to him before the Russian champion would mount his comeback. Fedor would go on to control CroCop for the UD victory. Durability + Fedor …like Peanut butter + Jelly.

4. vs. Kazuyuki Fujita – Pride FC 26 – WIN – SUB RNC – 2003

Probably the quintessential Fedor fight!! Check out, “Our Favorite Fights” series for the break down.

5. vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuria – Pride Shockwave ’04 – WIN UD – 2004

This was Fedor’s second fight of the night, knocking off Sergi Kharitonov in the prior round of the 2004 Grand Prix. This was the rematch that UNIFIED the Pride HW title and ’04 GP Championship. BIG TIME STAKES!! Fedor displayed elite skill dropping, throwing and down right MAULING Nog for the UD victory, and ALL THE BELTS!!

6. vs. Fabricio Werdum – Strikeforce: Fedor/Werdum – LOSS – SUB TRIANGLE – 2010

The night “The Universe” BROKE!!
Let me know if this has happened to you… Tell all your close fight friends about fighter X, invite all friends over to watch fighter X, continue to “pump up” fighter X,  your fighter X looses remarkably… WHY was he fishing in Werdum’s guard?!

7. vs. Andrei Arlovski – Affliction: Day of Reckoning – WIN – KO PUNCH – 2009

Fedor literally backed into a corner, lands a lightning quick right hand to the dome of Arlovski, who face plants to the canvas like the Apollo 13 returning home!! LONG LIVE Affliction!!


8. vs. Mark Hunt – Pride Shockwave ’06 – WIN SUB KIMURA – 2006

SMASHING the likes of Big Nog while laying in his guard, Fedor’s ground game was going to be NO MATCH for K1 Champion Hunt. Not so FAST!! Hunt would “hang tough”, exchanging submissions with The Last Emperor. Fedor would prove to be SUPERIOR, finishing Hunt with a Kimura. 

9. vs. Mark Coleman – Pride Total Elimination ’04 – WIN SUB KIMURA – 2004

Right out the gate!! Coleman frantically mounts Fedor, gets his back and works a RNC/neck-crank. Again the stoic Russian kicks adversity in the groin by tapping Coleman via arm-bar seemingly out of thin air!! Fedor hooked onto the ropes in this fight… Let’s remember that.

10. vs. Brett Rogers – Strikeforce: Fedor/Rogers – WIN KO PUNCHES – 2009

Making his Strikeforce debut, Fedor AGAIN would withstand early concern, only to flip the table and STORM back to victory!! expediting Rogers’ return to Sam’s Club. GARGANTUAN right hand!!


11. vs. Pedro Rizzo – M1 Global – WIN KO PUNCHES – 2012

This was Fedor’s initial retirement, in front of Russian parliament Fedor would make quick work of former UFC HW Champion Rizzo. I remember calling in “sick” to work to watch this, it HAD to be done!!

12. vs. Tim Sylvia – Affliction: Banned – WIN SUB RNC – 2008

Unfortunately for Sylvia his career has been laced with embarrassment. This night was NO DIFFERENT as Fedor resembled more of a Russian “combat robot”, rather than MMA fighter. Fedor dismantled Sylvia in seconds, punching his face off and cinching in the RNC. My favorite strategy in ANY MMA related video-game. 

13. vs. Matt Lindland – Bodog Fight: Clash of Nations – WIN SUB ARMBAR – 2007

Fedor shows just how “resourceful” he can be, grabbing the rope to avoid the Lindland take-down. Fedor swiftly was able to grab a Lindland limb, forcing the early arm-bar victory.

14. vs. Mark Coleman – Pride 32 – WIN SUB ARMBAR – 2006 

Fedor’s FIRST fight on American soil would have him pinned up against longtime competitor, Coleman would last longer this time around but would be forced to tap to ANOTHER Fedor armbar!!

15. vs. Gary Goodridge – Pride Total Elimination ’03 – WIN TKO SOCCER KICKS/PUNCHES – 2003

Fedor MURKS Big Daddy in like a minute!! Bringing the VIOLENCE Fedor unloads a FLURRY of punches, UNBELIEVABLE hand speed from The HW GOAT!!